Friday, May 23, 2014

Oliver James LaRose




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This is by far my favorite story to tell, I love reliving every moment of the day I became a Mom.

To start out the entire pregnancy was very tiring and hard on my body. Not only did I suffer from morning sickness throughout the entire first, second and part of my third trimester, but by the end of each day I would almost, if not actually, be in tears I was so uncomfortable. Sleeping didn't really give me any relief as I was waking up multiple times a night to use the rest room or roll from one side to the other in attempts to get comfortable.

The day before Oliver was born I had my 35 week doctor appointment. At this appointment we had an ultrasound to attempt to figure out the weight of the baby, my doctor was confident he was growing quite large. The ultrasound didn't yield any crazy results because my doctor told me there was no way the baby was under 7lbs. She then proceeded to tell me that I was already dilated, and that I was to stop any and all physical activity, luckily I would still be able to work because I am a secretary and am not required to be on my feet or do any physical work.
On the way out her words were, "please be pregnant next week."

Seriously... 35 Weeks Pregnant!
{Taken the day before he was born}

Andrew and I went home and thankfully I had already packed our hospital bags and had the candy ready for the nurses in L&D. That evening Andrew had his bowling league, I went to watch with the other wives and girlfriends of the guys on the team. I was told to keep my feet up and drink lots of water. Needless to say I felt silly at the bowling alley sitting with my feet up, drinking tons of water and running walking slowly to the bathroom every few minutes.
That night we went home, I took a Benadryl because I was having so many sinus issues that I couldn't sleep without it, and went to bed.
At roughly 4am {probably a little earlier} I woke up and seriously thought I had peed myself due to the Benadryl making me sleepy. I got up and went to the bathroom and there was just about no doubt in my mind that my water had broke.
I, slowly, walked back into the bedroom and tapped Andrew's leg and whispered "Andrew, Andrew, I think my water broke."
He shot straight up, proceeded to ask me if I was sure... Which I was sure by that point!
I was shocked at how calm I stayed, honestly. Once Andrew was awake, I was already back in the bathroom... Let's just say once your water breaks it just won't stop {at least that's how it was for me}
Andrew took the dogs out, let them eat a bit... And I am sure they were like "WTF guys? It's early and we are tired."
Once he had everything in the car I left the bathroom and went straight to the car.
While driving there it was almost surreal, there was a lot of "We are going to be parents today!" and similar comments being made.
Nice thing about my water breaking that early, no traffic at all on the way to the hospital.
Once there, Andrew dropped me off at the door while he went to park, standing there was the most uncomfortable few minutes of my life and I remember thinking "hurry up, hurry up, hurry up."

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