Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shop My Closet at Poshmark!

So I recently signed up for Poshmark and to say that I'm a little obsessed would be an understatement.

The fact that I'm currently pregnant {or by the time you're reading this I may have just had our second baby} has made the itch to shop for new clothes all the more intense.

I can't wait to have our little bundle of joy here, to play with and cuddle with, but also so I can get back into shape and start making some purchases!!

Of course before I can buy anything myself I decided to go ahead and sell some clothes that I know I will never be wearing again, even though for a little while now I have convinced myself I needed these items. I'm trying to stop living in denial and clean out the closet!

Most of these items have only been worn once or twice, a few have been worn a handful of times but all are in great condition and have been well cared for!

If you have any questions or want to share your closets please leave the link to your closet in the comments!

Happy Poshing!

Until Next Time,
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