Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend ~ Favorite Non-Maternity Wear

TOP {Forever 21 - Similar} // PANTS {Motherhood Maternity} // BRACELET {Nordstrom} // BRACELET {Park Lane} // SHOES {Target - Similar}

There's nothing like getting a little dressed up to make yourself feel better when all you want to do is crawl back under the covers in the morning and sleep all day. That's exactly what happened to me this weekend, being this far along with baby Charlie ti has become increasingly important I have some motivation to not sit around all day in my pajamas.

This top is actually a dress I purchased from Forever 21 three years ago for my cousins wedding. I have worn in only a handful of times and thought I would humor myself to see how it fit this weekend. To my surprise it became the perfect top to pair with my capris and some flats. This is definitely one of my favorite non-maternity items right now.

The rest of our weekend was pretty relaxing and we are soaking it all in. It's just a matter of time before Charlie arrives and all of our lives will be turned upside down. I, personally, am cherishing every bit of sleep I can get and doing my best to be as lazy as possible. It does help that Andrew is being beyond amazing and is pampering me like crazy.

On a productive note, Andrew did paint Oliver's room over the weekend as well. We still don't have any furniture for Oliver's big boy room and he's still sleeping in his crib, that will sooner than later be Charlie's room. It's crazy, we are so close to our C-Section date and we still have no furniture for Oliver to transition to and it isn't even stressing me out. I can't explain it, last time I needed everything to be done right away and this time, it's incredibly different. I guess that's the difference between pregnancy number one and two. Any other Mom's out there experience this?!

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  1. You look cute! Totally agree you need to dress up sometimes!