Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What's In My Hospital Bag - Baby and Me

When I was in the hospital for Oliver I realized that I had severely OVER packed my bag, which made it very difficult to find anything that I really wanted.

So this time around I made it very simple, all of our stuff combined fits into one nice overnight bag.

For the simple fact that I will be having another C-Section, which means multiple days and nights in the hospital, my bag may have a little bit more in it than a Mom who is going to be going home very soon after delivery.

Either way I hope this is at least a starting point for those of you out there who have no idea where to begin packing your bags :)

1. Robe - Not a bath robe but a night time robe. This is one of my absolute must haves for my hospital stay. I don't know about any other Mom's out there but after I had Oliver my body temperature fluctuated like crazy, one minute I was hotter than hot and the next I was freezing. Not only for the comfort factor but having something pink and pretty just helped me feel a little bit better about the fact that I was barely able to stand up, let alone shower, do my hair or any form of makeup.

2. Flip Flips - Or you could go with slippers, I don't own any slippers and personally don't care for them. I just wanted something under my feet to walk around on and not slip, making socks not an ideal candidate.

3. Yoga Pants - Now the majority of my stay I just wore my robe and a tank top and was perfectly fine. However there were a couple times when certain family members came to visit that I wanted to look a little more presentable and you know, have pants on. I brought a pair of maternity and regular yoga pants this time, my maternity ones didn't quite fit me last time so who knows!

4. Nursing Tank Tops - You could also go for regular tanks and a nursing bra, I will also have a few nursing bras with me as well, they're a little bit larger than my regular bras so they will probably end up fitting more comfortably than any of the regular ones I have packed away. Anyway, nursing tanks are the perfect tops to wear throughout your entire stay at the hospital. Easy access if you are attempting to breast feed, or just for comfort if you are not.

I will also have a few toiletries with me as well, shampoo and conditioner and body wash in case I feel up to showering at any point. I will probably throw a little bit of make up in my bag as well, just because in the moment I will feel optimistic about it and then throw the idea right out the window once the time comes when I would wear it. I will also have my toothbrush and toothpaste stowed away as well, basically anything you would bring in the toiletries department on a short weekend vacation will do in this case.

This was where I went crazy over board last time, packing for baby. Most of the time your little one will stay all swaddled up and perfectly content in just a diaper, or if you have a baby like my first, they will be jaundice and have to be kept under a light the entire time they are in the hospital wearing absolutely nothing but their diaper. In any case here are just a few things I threw into the bag for our next little man just in case I get the chance to play around with him more :)

1. Swaddle Blankets - I'm obsessed with this blankets, they are super thin and comfortable and can be used for just about everything. I would recommend bringing one or two max to the hospital with you.

2. Sleepers - In case you have a little one that will be able to stay in the room with you and you want to put them in a sleeper a night or so. I love this "LITTLE BROTHER" one I got from Target!

3. Onesies - For the visitors coming to the hospital, so you can have your little one all dressed up and looking handsome! Also, bringing along a cute onesie is perfect for the going home outfit as well!

4. Half Moon Shaped Burp Cloths - Just like the swaddle blankets I am obsessed with these. They just fit so perfectly over your shoulder and you don't have to mess with scrunching up a square burp cloth next to your ear. I have two in my bag ready to go!

Now I'm sure last minute I will feel the need to rush around the house grabbing things unnecessarily feeling very under prepared, however for now I feel like I have packed very conservatively and we will probably only end up using half of what I have packed!

Oh, and don't forget the Camera, Phone and Phone Chargers either!! Those are priceless items you will need with you too!!

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